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Pickwick Publications The Lazarus Effect: A Novel

Archaeologist Art West makes the discovery of a lifetime in Jerusalem finding the tombstone of Lazarus, which indicates that Jesus raised him from the dead. But before he can make public his amazing discovery, the stone is stolen, sold to the British Library, and West is implicated in an antiquities fraud that will lead to a trial. West's Jewish and Muslim friends in Jerusalem rally to support West's innocence and to help find the thief who stole the stone, but then West is shot and in critical condition in a Jerusalem hospital. Can the truth be discovered in time, and West's life be saved? And what was on that Aramaic scroll that was found in Lazarus's coffin? In this fast-paced thriller, Ben Witherington, himself a NT scholar with a degree in English literature, together with his wife, Ann, introduces us to the life of an archaeologist and NT scholar and his trials and tribulations when a big find comes to light. Set in the always volatile city of Jerusalem, the Witheringtons reveal the fascinating hidden dimensions of multi-religious life in that Holy Place, and show how even today Christians, Jews, and Muslims can work together so the truth may come to light, and all may experience "the Lazarus Effect"--new life from the dead. 264 pages.
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Date:July 27, 2010
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Jennifer L Culp
The Lazarus Effect is a novel written by the husband and wife team of Ben Witherington III and Ann Witherington. This fictional account of an important Biblical archeological find introduces and implants the reader into modern day Jerusalem with political and religious tension evident at every turn. By following the main character, archeologist Art West, from discovery to investigation and, finally, to revelation, the authors introduce a number of subjects relevant to both archeology and modern New Testament biblical studies. In a riveting tale of lying, theft, and murder, the Witheringtons manage to invite the reader to a deeper understanding of what is happening in the Holy Land of three major world religions, with a special focus of Christianity and how one archeological find can support millennia of Christian belief. Along the way, we learn about another contentious find, the James ossuary, and the detailed process and scrutinization to which artifacts are subjected. Some exciting and controversial claims are present concerning the authorship of the Gospel of John. There is an intricate web of connections as the numerous and varied characters touch each others lives. Ultimately, all will be affected and all will be changed by The Lazarus Effect.The Lazarus Effect is a page turning adventure that introduces the reader to modern day Jerusalem and the world of Biblical archeology. It is well written and worth reading for those interested in the field. I found the book to be both enjoyable and informative. It addresses recent controversy and the issue of relations within the Holy Land in a thoughtful way. Through detailed character development the reader is led to see each character as a genuine person who has reasons for their actions, no matter how misguided they may be. In the end, you are left with a sense that you have read a good book and learned more about the New Testament and the Israeli people than you knew before.
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