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Customer Reviews for Rose Publishing Life of Joseph: PowerPoint CD-ROM

Rose Publishing Life of Joseph: PowerPoint CD-ROM

Do you find it difficult to trust God when life gets hard? Have you ever asked God, "why me?" or ever wondered if God is really in charge? Find the assurance and answers you've been searching for with the Life of Joseph PowerPoint.

Within its 100 visually appealing slides, The Life of Joseph tells the story of Joseph and reveals how God can transform misfortune into good in any situation. Discover the meaning behind suffering, and begin your journey toward wisdom by deepening your understanding of Joseph's life.

Why is Joseph's story useful in understanding God's purpose in suffering? Look at Joseph's life at age 17:
  • Favored excessively by his father
  • Hated by his 10 older brothers, who had a history of violence and treachery
  • Thrown into a pit in the wilderness
  • Sold into slavery and never returned home again
Later, when it appeared his life was improving, he was:
  • Stalked by someone powerful and vengeful, Potiphar's wife
  • Falsely accused and imprisoned
  • Abandoned in jail without friends or defenders
  • Forgotten by people who owed him a favor
To any observer, it would appear that God had abandoned Joseph during the hardest times of his life. But invisibly, God was working behind the scenes.

Check Out Life of Joseph's Visual Features:
  • Full-color pictures
  • Timeline of Joseph's life
  • Map illustrating Jacob and Joseph's journeys
  • Joseph's family tree
    (Includes a brief description on each major family member)
  • Chart detailing the Cupbearer and the Baker's dreams (includes interpretations)
  • Chart featuring God's involvement in the life of Jacob, Joseph, Joseph's brothers, and Judah
These visuals provide you with loads of information at a glance.

Use this presentation for
  • Discipleship
  • Small group
  • Sunday school class
  • Christian school curriculum
  • New Believers' class
  • Prison ministry
  • Church library
When Bible studies use visuals (such as PowerPoint), participants are:
  1. More likely to pay attention.
  2. More likely to understand.
  3. More likely to remember.
  4. More likely to stay on task.
  5. More likely to feel included (especially true for English Language Learners).
Visually portray God's faithfulness and redemptive power with this easy-to-understand multimedia production.
Customer Reviews for Life of Joseph: PowerPoint CD-ROM
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