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T&T Clark International Creation, Un-Creation, Re-Creation

In Creation, Un-Creation, Re-Creation: A Discursive Commentary on Genesis 1-11 cutting-edge scholar Joseph Blenkinsopp provides a new interpretation of Genesis 1-11, the so-called 'Primeval History' in which the account of creation is accounted.

Blenkinsopp works with the conviction that, from a biblical point of view, creation cannot be restricted to a single event, nor to two versions of an event (as depicted in Genesis 1-3) but, rather, must take in the whole period of creation arranged in the sequence: creation--uncreation--recreation (as can be derived from Genesis 1-11).

Through the course of the commentary, presented in continuous discussion rather than in a rigid verse-by-verse form, Blenkinsopp takes into account pre-modern interpretations of the texts, especially in the Jewish interpretative tradition, as well as modern, historical-critical interpretations. Blenkinsopp works from the perspective of acknowledging the text's literary integrity as an 'authored' work, rather than focusing simply on its background in various sources (whilst of course paying due attention to those sources). This enables Blenkinsopp's engaging discussion to focus upon the literary and theological artistry of the material at hand.

The result is an incredibly well-rounded and dynamic treatment that blends information from many of the influences behind the text, as well as those elements which have impacted its interpretation.
Customer Reviews for Creation, Un-Creation, Re-Creation
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