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Customer Reviews for Brazos Press Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear

Brazos Press Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear

The twentieth century has been referred to as the Age of Anxiety. Similarly, the first decade of the twenty-first century ushered in a "culture of fear"---especially in a post-9/11 world. Scott Bader-Saye helps us counteract this destructive force in Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear.

Divided into three sections (Diagnosis, Antidote, and Recovery), this work draws insights about fear from medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas. Furthermore, Bader-Saye stresses the importance of sharing our fears in ecclesial communities, where we can develop courage. Most important, Bader-Saye notes that a reclamation of God's sovereignty will help us reframe our lives; the doctrine of providence not only assures us that the fragments of our lives will cohere into a narrative unity but also demonstrates that God is our Provider.

A timely and applicable resource, Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear will resonate with academics, church leaders, and church members. Instead of allowing your own or others' fears to motivate you, you'll be encouraged to forsake an "ethic of safety" for an "ethic of risk." This new way of living manifests itself in hospitality, peacemaking, and generosity. Each chapter includes questions for discussion.

Customer Reviews for Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear
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