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Customer Reviews for Brazos Press Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living

Brazos Press Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living

What should Christians do to protect the Earth and its people?

Amounts and patterns of consumption and production in the West have reached a level that cannot be maintained. Lifestyles based on our present way of creating and using energy are no longer environmentally sustainable-and are threatening the health and well-being of both planet and people. Our activities and the policies that shape them need to change.

In light of those realities, Spencer, White, and Vroblesky offer serious Christian engagement with the emerging issue of Sustainable Consumption and Production. They analyze the scientific, sociological, economic, and theological thinking that makes a Christian response to these trends imperative and distinctive. And they offer practical conclusions that explore and explain what can be done at the personal, community, national, and international levels to ensure that next generations will have the resources necessary for life.

Firmly rooted in the good news of the Christian faith, this is, above all, a constructive and hopeful book that offers a realistic vision of what the future could and should look like.

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Customer Reviews for Christianity, Climate Change, and Sustainable Living
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A Christian Response to the Environment

Date:October 31, 2012
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Many Christians are wary of talking about the environment because this issue has become very politicized. I would highly recommend this book to any Christian who is seeking to understand and learn more about this issue.
This book is broken down into three main parts. The first covers some of the science/date behind climate change as well as sustainability. They back up their claims with numerous footnotes (studies, charts, graphs etc). It’s fascinating to really think about how much of what we consume in America has traveled literally 1000s of miles to get here.
The second part of the book is a Biblical perspective on the environment and what it means to care for God’s good creation. This is the part that really should hit home for the Christian, as it outlines what the Bible says in relation to our views on the environment. Even if you think that global warming is a big myth, respecting and caring for God’s creation is certainly part of having a correct Biblical worldview (the authors have some other great responses to Christians against environmental issues on page 175). It should still cause you to be concerned over how we’re treating the environment and lead you to want to have a more sustainable future, which is the focus of the third section.
Overall this is a great book that helps Christians to understand what our unsustainable living is leading towards, and offers a Christian response and vision for how to change. There is a helpful final section with groups, websites and books that one can peruse to further learn and get involved. One mildly distracting thing about the book was that it was written originally for a British audience and then “Americanized” for North American readers. There were plenty of Canadian/American examples used, but the tone still felt British. Aside of completely rewriting the book, I am not sure how to necessarily change that.
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