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B&H Books Sea of Glory - Slightly Imperfect

Winner of the 2002 Gold Angel Award

In the earlymorning hours of February 3, 1943, the American troop ship Dorchester is torpedoed by a German submarine en route to a top secret radar installation in Greenland. The four Army chaplains on board could scarcely be more different from each other: Methodist pastor and World War II veteran George Fox; intellectual and athletic Rabbi Alex Goode; scholar, poet, and Dutch Reformed minister Clark Polin; baseball fan and "regular guy" Father John Washington. Yet in the terror and confusion following the attack by a deadly U-boat wolfpack, the chaplains unite in a final, triumphant sacrifice that transforms the life of every survivor who sees it - and inspires Sergeant Wesley Adams to exchange the bitterness of the past for the promise of the future. Sea of Glory is a novel based on the true World War II story of the four chaplains and the U.S.A.T. Dorchester.

Customer Reviews for Sea of Glory - Slightly Imperfect
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