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Customer Reviews for Tyndale House Left Behind: The Young Trib Force, Volumes 1-4

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Tyndale House Left Behind: The Young Trib Force, Volumes 1-4

#1 Taken (Volumes 1-4): In one shocking moment millions around the globe disappear. Those left behind face an uncertain future - especially four unlikely friends who now find themselves alone. As the kids search for help and answers, they learn the truth behind the disappearances.

Judd, Vicki, Lionel and Ryan have decisions to make. Will they accept Christ's forgiveness, or will they blame God for abandoning them and taking away their families? And to make matters worse, Lionel gets a disturbing message from his uncle that leads him to Chicago, praying he'll reach his uncle in time. Meanwhile, Ryan's investigations reveal a truth that puts his friends in grave danger, and Judd and Lionel narrowly escape with their lives in a rescue attempt in an apartment fire set by a murderer.

The four friends believe the truth, but one question remains: Who is the Antichrist? Their pastor, Bruce Barnes, thinks he knows. The kids aren't so sure, but then a man who had met the Antichrist shares his nightmarish story. Join the Young Trib Force as the world falls apart around them, and they must band together to find faith and fight the veil future that threatens all of humanity.

#2 Pursued (Volumes 5-8): Millions have disappeared from the earth, and four friends are among those who know the truth. In Pursued, The Young Trib Force faces a new challenge: the cost of taking their new found faith om God to their school classrooms. School authorities have outlawed carrying Bibles or even talking about God. So Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan unleased the power of the printed page - and the anger of school officials - by publishing an underground newspaper that will put the truth in the hands of every student.

With Old Testament prophecies coming true before their eyes, the Young Trib Force struggles to spread the truth. But the noose is tightening. Pursued by authorities from Nicolae High, and helped by an insider at the school, Vicki and Judd attempt escape. But a friend's betrayal leads to Vicki's capture and conviction.

While Vicki fights for her life in a detention center, Judd faces a decision that will affect the rest of his life and the future of the Young Trib Force. Follow Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan as close call after close call leads to the loss of one member.

#3 Hidden (Volumes 9-12): Shaken by the loss of a close friend, the Young Trib Force members find themselves in some of the most frightening situations yet. With World War III erupting, Judd, Lionel, and Vicki set out on a desperate search for Ryan, only to face new dangers while coming face-to-face with a top Global Community official.

When Judd goes to Israel, he will place his life in the hands of others as they help him find secret documents to battle the GC. If he's captured, will he ever survive?

At the same time, Vicki and Lionel face pressure to get out a new, life-changing version of the Underground, a newspaper the Young Trib Force has created to reach the students of Nicolae High. An official is on to them, but will they get the paper out without being caught?

#4 Rescued (Volumes 13-16): The death toll rises as the great wrath of the Lamb earthquake ends. Victims throughout the world search to find family and friends lost during the earthquake -- the Young Trib Force is no exception. While they deal with the tragic loss of a friend, they also pray for another who has fallen into the hands of the Global Community.

Judd and Vicki must use every measure possible to avoid capture by the GC. Unexpected help always comes when they need it, and each time they see God's miraculous work in their lives.
Customer Reviews for Left Behind: The Young Trib Force, Volumes 1-4
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