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Vida Te Abrazare en el Cielo (I Will Hold You in Heaven)

Este libro ha ayudado a cientos de miles de padres a recuperarse de la terrible pérdida de un hijo por la muerte. Es un regalo perfecto para los padres derrotados porque está llena de respuestas a las preguntas difíciles de cuidar, tales como: "¿Qué pasó con mi bebé después de su muerte?", "¿Qué pasa si yo hubiera" ¿Volveré a ver a mi hijo otra vez? "un aborto? ", ¿Hay alguna razón por la que Dios permitió que mi bebé de morir?".

This book has helped hundreds of thousands of parents recover from the terrible loss of a child by death. It is a perfect gift for defeated parents because it is filled with caring answers to difficult questions such as: “What happened to my baby after its death?”, “Will I ever see my child again?”, “What happens if I had an abortion?”, Is there a reason that God allowed my baby to die?”.
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Customer Reviews for Te Abrazare en el Cielo (I Will Hold You in Heaven)
Review 1 for Te Abrazare en el Cielo (I Will Hold You in Heaven)
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2 out of 5
2 out of 5

I've never given a book such a low review before.

Date:March 28, 2011
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Location:Lakeland, FL
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
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1 out of 5
The book begins well with an example of how 1 church offers help to mothers considering abortion but he espouses dangerous theology; I almost gave it 1 Star. FIRST Hayford contradicts himself: On p64 he says “But in saying this, the Bible neither declares nor implies that parents determine the eternal destiny of their children...Salvation is always an individual choice.” Correct. However on p60 he says: “Doubtless we would all argue for their being instantly ushered into the Creator’s heaven-home forever. And that answer is right…” Did you catch that? Hayford says that if you kill your handicapped/unborn child he/she will go to heaven “forever.” That is the writer says that the parents CAN determine their children’s’ “eternal” destiny -but that's NOT what he said on p.64. LOL SECOND Hayford contradicts common sense since he tempts parents to kill children by false theology: If in fact killing handicapped/unborn child would ensure a 100% chance of salvation but letting them live might risk they'd reject Christ don’t you think it'd make better sense to kill them since after all eternal forever! is more important than the temporal 70-80 years? This is EXACTLY what a number of parents have done: Do a search on the parents killing kids if you don't believe. THIRD Hayford contradicts Scripture: Look again at his quote on p60: “Doubtless we would all argue for their being instantly ushered into the Creator’s heaven-home forever. And that answer is right…” Yes, when a baby dies he/she will go to some place in heaven FOR THE TIME BEING: where else would the child go FOR NOW? But, did you notice that subtle qualifier: ‘Forever.’ Basically he says the child will not only go to heaven for the time but also be guaranteed ‘eternal’ salvation yet this contradicts Scripture: John 14:6: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. I’m not suggesting that the child goes to hell: referring to “Where do babies go when they die?” by Gordon Wayne Watts that author makes a compelling Biblical case that we'll either see the children again in the Millennium where they'll have a chance to hear the Gospel -not a 2nd chance, since they never got a 1st chance: Rev 20:4, or perhaps in the next resurrection Rev 20:5 of the “rest of the dead.”: In the Millennium scripture tells us there will be children; where do you think all those children will come from? Hayford contradicts John 3:16 & Acts 2:38 since Scripture tells us a person must BELIEVE in Jesus to get saved something which babies are incapable of doing. He mentions only three (3) scriptures to verify his false claims, but none of them address salvation except 2 Sam 2:23. This passage is metaphorical: Even if David meant what he said, he could have been mistaken: It wouldn’t be the 1st time David spoke falsely: For example what David in a state of depression & often on the run for his life says in Ps. 13:1-4: that God has forgotten him and has hidden His face from him. Oh, really? Is this literally true? No, this too is metaphorical. Yes God is fair: He WON'T violate their free will but WILL give these kids a chance for salvation. This wouldn't be unfair nor, contrary to popular belief, contradict Heb 9:27 ("And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:") since-it doesn’t mandate they go TO HEAVEN; rather, it only mandates "the judgment." DON'T GO BEYOND WHAT IS WRITTEN! Therefore, you might review Watts' paper for scriptures on this.
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