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Zondervan Is Hell for Real or Does Everyone Go to Heaven?

The traditional, biblically based view of Hell is again being questioned by people both in and outside the walls of the church. How could Jesus, the one who died for the sins of the world, condemn millions of people to eternal torment because they didn't believe the right things about him? Doesn't God's goodness make it impossible for him to commit such an act of seemingly vengeful judgment? Isn't eternal punishment disproportionate, and therefore unjust, in light of the temporal nature of all human failings?

Can't Jesus' love overcome all who resist him, even the most unrepentant of sinners? In light of difficult questions like these---and in part as a response to the controversy stirred up by Rob Bell's Love Wins---this book affirms with clarity and even-handedness the historic Christian doctrine regarding the final destiny of the unsaved. Together, the contributors explore the biblical and theological reasons for continuing to believe in hell, revealing along the way some of the consequences for the church when it loses sight of this doctrine.

Is Hell for Real or Does Everyone Go to Heaven? answers some of today's toughest questions with deep biblical insights and an irenic tone. This book is ideal for group studies on the topic or for individuals looking for a quick way to better understand the discussion.
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Customer Reviews for Is Hell for Real or Does Everyone Go to Heaven?
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Date:December 30, 2013
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Army Mom
Location:Ontario, Ca.
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It’s a real shame that books like this have to be written, however as far as books like this go, this one is a decent one. With the subject of hell being “politically incorrect” in today's society, this book brings into clarity just what hell is and what it is not. It show approximately when the idea of hell began to decline in mainstream theology and it also makes very good arguments as to why annihilation and universalism do not work.
The best chapter in my opinion was the one that they show what Jesus said about hell and what exactly hell is and what it isn’t. After all he did spend a lot of time teaching about this subject. I also enjoyed the chapter that Timothy Keller wrote on preaching/witnessing about hell. I found that there were several practical tips that I might be able to use.
The down side, the book lost me in several places because of a variety of reasons, but I was usually able to pick up the general meaning. The other item is that the book is only 83 pages of actual text.
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