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Customer Reviews for Michael Glazier Books The World of the Early Christians

Michael Glazier Books The World of the Early Christians

While the scholar/specialist may find here much that is basic, there is a wealth of information about early Christianity that will prove stimulating, including the use of computer technology and its impact on scholarship regarding early data. Asking such questions as Who were the early Christians? Where did they live? How do we know so much about them? What data has been left and how do we interpret it?, the author touches on the early Christians' cultural and intellectual life, their view of the universe and the nature of time, the influence of Judaism, Greek and Roman philosophy, paganism, astrology and magic etc. The last chapter is a review of the first six centuries of Christianity that looks at the development of the Christian calendar, the canon of the New Testament, the heresies, the councils, the Church Fathers, the decline of the Roman Empire, and the establishment of monastic order.
Customer Reviews for The World of the Early Christians
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