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Customer Reviews for Institute For Excellence In Writing Teaching Writing & Student Writing Intensive, Level A--Deluxe Combo Pack

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Institute For Excellence In Writing Teaching Writing & Student Writing Intensive, Level A--Deluxe Combo Pack

Help your students learn to write with this Institute for Excellence in Writing combination pack! This set includes:

  • The Structure and Style Kit
  • Level A Student Writing Intensive
  • Fix it! editing workbook
  • A Word Right Now workbook
  • Fold-out "Portable Walls" review chart.

    Institute for Excellence in Writing's Teaching Writing: Structure & Style is a video seminar for teachers/parents that presents a system of structural models and stylistic techniques that work for students of all ages. Stressing modeling and building a firm foundation of basic skills, students practice each format and develop confidence along with creativity.

    Ten DVDs are included with teacher training, as well as three 2-hour student writing workshops taught to students at three different grade levels. The included Binder Workbook contains sample lesson plans, ideas, graphic organizers, support, examples and more information to make teaching as easy as possible. The "Tips and Tricks" DVD is included as well.

    Included student workshops on DVD also allow for grade-specific information to be taught alongside the nine units: 2nd-4th Graders learn about key word outlines, adverbs and strong verbs; 5th-7th graders learn how to write an outline from a report and dress up their writing with adverbs, noun clauses, strong verbs and more; 8th graders and more advanced students covers key word outlines, note taking, paragraph writing and study skills.

    Recorded live with Andres Pudewa's humorous style, the Student Writing Intensive course is based upon the principles of the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style course, but is presented directly to students. As a unique complementary curriculum, parents' understanding of the course will be increased, while students will gain additional insights that will allow them to complete assignments with ease and skill. Fifteen lessons on four DVDs are included, accompanied by suggested assignments for additional practice. Each level presumes no previous experience.

    This Level A course is intended for Grades 2-5; each lesson will take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete, for a total of a 15-30 week course, depending upon time spent upon assignments. Student materials include reading selections, checklists and other information; pages are reproducible within a family.

    Enlighten your students' eyes to their grammatical mistakes with Fix It! an editing curriculum for students in grades 3-12. Students hunt for spelling and grammar mistakes in five classic stories. Written with instructions for both classroom and homeschool situations, Fix-It reinforces concepts taught throughout their education. 152 pages, softcover. Words can be fun in and of themselves; introduce your writers to a bevy of new and under-utilized words that can really spice up their essays, stories and other works with A Word Right Now. Words are organized by category (Character Traits, Descriptive Words, Words for Movement & the Senses), and color-coded by what part of speech it is. Each page features "Quotations to Inspire Your Writing;" classic quotes that feature stylish technique, as well as a concept-related Scripture verse. There is room for students to add in their own words, excerpts from classic literature, and a definition of the category word. The appendix features teaching tips, prepositions, literary genres and literary devices.101 semi-glossy pages, softcover, spiralbound.

    The tri-fold "Portable Wall" is a single-pocket folder with an extra page--- perfect for setting up on a desk to review. The Wall features all unit models, several word lists including prepositions, substitutes for "said," and more.

Customer Reviews for Teaching Writing & Student Writing Intensive, Level A--Deluxe Combo Pack
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