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Customer Reviews for Focus Publishing Incorporated Concord Cunningham, Volumes 1-5

Focus Publishing Incorporated Concord Cunningham, Volumes 1-5

Readers will be challenged to solve the mysteries without the advantage of a concordance, but Concord Cunningham will reveal the source of the answer in Scripture.

Concord Cunningham #1: It has been said that one can find the answers to all of life's mysteries in the Bible. The Word of God is sufficient to meet all our needs. Finding the answers requires at least a basic knowledge of the Bible. The concordance is a topical index of key words that lead a scholar to appropriate Bible verses. It is a valuable tool to finding the answers in the Word of God. Concord Cunningham is a boy who has discovered the value of a concordance and uses it to solve mysteries in his community. His success brings him acclaim, and a reputation as "Scripture Sleuth".

Concord Cunningham Returns #2: Who sabotaged the school play? Is the Bigfoot picture real or fake? Did Mr. Morrison really find Murdock's lost gold mine? There's only one way to find out: Grab a Bible and get ready to Scripture sleuth with Concord Cunningham!

The world's most unique kid detective is back in this book, and once again he's using his Bible concordance to outwit villains. Concord investigates a new mystery in each exciting chapter. Though Concord always cracks the case, he never gives away the solution. Instead, at the end of each chapter, Concord reveals a Bible verse which holds the final clue to that chapter's mystery. So find a Bible, look up the verse, and see if you can crack the case!

Concord Cunningham on the Case #3: Who stole the lumberjack statue? Is a peanut butter sandwich really powering the digital clock, or is it just a science fair scam? Why is there a mysterious skydiver in Pine Tops? Concord Cunningham can crack all the cases, but can you? Only if you're ready to look up clues in your Bible! In this third volume of unique Scripture Sleuth mysteries, Concord once again faces an exciting new case in each chapter. Though Concord always solves the mystery, he never gives away the solution. Instead, he reveals the location of a Bible verse which holds the mystery's final clue. Then it's up to you to look up the clue and crack the case! Not sure about your answer? No problem. The solutions are at the back of the book. This book also includes "The Greatest Case," which brings Concord face to face with another Scripture Sleuth. Together, they investigate the most important case ever. These timeless and lighthearted mysteries are certain to make you think, make you laugh, and make looking up Bible verses irresistibly fun!

Concord Cunningham Coast to Coast #4: Concord is back with twelve more brain twisting mysteries, and this time he's cracking cases all across America!

Is the restaurant in Montana serving stolen fish? Did someone cheat in the Great Turtle Race in Indiana? What will go terribly wrong in the parade in Maryland? There's only one what to discover the answers. Grab a Bible and join Concord on a cross-country Scripture Sleuth adventure loaded with fun, laughs and a mystery at every stop.

Concord Cunningham Pursues the Clues #5: In Concord Cunningham Pursues the Clues, a gift from outer space is about to be stolen. Cheaters are about the win the Pine Tops Marathon. A fancy wedding is seconds away from disaster unless someone can reach a runaway ring. Who can stop these crimes and solve these puzzles before it's too late? Grab your Bible, follow the clues, and you can crack every case!
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Customer Reviews for Concord Cunningham, Volumes 1-5
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