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Questar Video The Story of America, DVD

This is a unique video collection celebrating the history of our great nation from colonial times to the present. On this incredible journey spanning four centuries and more that 5,000 miles, you'll visit the places, meet the people, and relive the events that turned us from an emerging nation into leaders of the free world. Revelations from personal letters and diaries, beautiful recreations, insights from noted historians, and archival footage combine to make history come alive as never before! Approx. 3 hours.
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Customer Reviews for The Story of America, DVD
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2 out of 5

Date:May 5, 2009
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Mister Miyagi
If you are someone who believes that the USA, though imperfect, has done more good in the world than bad, it is very likely you will be disappointed. If you believe that the USA is fundamentally flawed and always has been, then you will likely cherish this DVD for life. Christians are barely mentioned, and when they are, it is in all but one case, done so in a negative light. "Puritan tyranny" is covered during footage of colonial times. Years later, Protestants sent young women and teenage girls to work 13 hour shifts in textile factories. The Salem witch trials sentenced accused witches to death after a minister's daughter entered a trance, then blamed it on someone else. The Ku Klux Klan was formed to "protect America from Catholics, Jews, and Blacks." Churches were built in San Francisco, but otherwise, nothing is mentioned about positive influences Christians made in the USA.Viewing this DVD, I concluded that it was the USA against Native Americans and African Americans. When this DVD was released in 1997, "blacks are still seeking equality."According to this DVD, class warfare began in the 1920s. "Wealth was controlled by a great few...growing gap between the rich and the poor." "Robber Barons" were portrayed as evil, rich people, "ruthless capitalists." Ford allowed no unions, but Theodore Roosevelt was portrayed as a hero.It was mentioned that 362,000 Americans died in WWII, but nothing was mentioned as to why the USA entered WWII. When WWII began, "women were not wanted...then it was their patriotic duty...WWII liberated women."Later, McCarthy "witch hunts...repression...intimidation..." Then came a "decade of beatings and bombings," but "Kennedy election brings new optimism." An "ugly war in a distant land...Vietnam...fuels rebellion at home." The Nixon resignation was highlighted, of course, but Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, were barely mentioned.Very slick, but extremely unbalanced.
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