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Hendrickson Publishers Revelation

Black's New Testament Commentary series presents a reliable and enlightening exposition of the New Testament for the modern reader. Written by highly respected biblical scholars, each volume offers a fresh translation; a paragraph-by-paragraph commentary providing insights into important historical, literary, and theological issues; and highlighted key terms and phrases. Pastors, students, scholars, and general readers will find this series to be an essential aid to understanding the New Testament.

The Revelation of John, replete with visions, symbols, angels, monsters, and numerology, is unique among the writings of the New Testament in the demands it places upon its interpreters. Here, Ian Boxall offers a clear and lucid study of St. John's Apocalypse. Arising out of a critical awareness of the historical and theological issues surrounding the interpretation of Revelation, Boxall's exposition addresses the first-century context of this difficult book, takes seriously its visionary nature, and emphasizes its author's Patmos context. Attending to the overall structure of the work, Boxall engages with the Apocalypse's rich and varied reception history.

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