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Oxford University Press Is There a God? Revised Edition

In this compelling new edition, Richard Swinburne, one of the most distinguished philosophers of religion today, argues that contrary to the claims of Richard Dawkins and others, science actually provides good grounds for belief in God. Why is there a universe at all? Why is there any life on Earth?

How is it that discoverable scientific laws operate in the universe? Swinburne uses scientific reasoning to argue that the best answers to these questions are given by the existence of God. The picture of the universe that science gives us is completed by God. This updated edition features a new, stronger argument as to why theism does--and materialism does not--provide a very simple ultimate explanation of the world.

And Swinburne also now examines the idea of the possible existence of many other universes, and its relevance to his arguments from the fine-tuning of our universe to the existence of God. Powerful, modern, and accessible, Is There a God? is must reading for anyone interested in an intelligent and approachable defense of the existence of God.
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Customer Reviews for Is There a God? Revised Edition
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3 out of 5
3 out of 5

Brilliant author, some very good points, but . . .

Date:June 18, 2012
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David Kilpatrick
Location:North Syracuse, NY
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
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2 out of 5
Swinburne is brilliant. I enjoyed his methodical way of thinking. In this book, he provides a number of very good points for the theist to ponder and add to his or her arsenal of thinking on the topic. However, it seems he tried to develop some points that weren't that strong (in my mind).
Some of it could be that he's brilliant, and I'm not. Some of it could be that he is trying to cover too much ground in so short of a book. At the end he says he's frustrated that the length prohibited him from addressing all the objections to his lines of reasoning.
Some of the most powerful arguments (in my estimation) for the existence of God, he only touches upon briefly. These include the old cosmological and teleological arguments that were somewhat "neutralized" or in a stalemate until the advances in modern science and the Big Bang revitalized them (I still think the old versions are pretty good, too!). He covers these briefly and refers the reader elsewhere on this, but it would have been good if he covered more of this type of material here. He does make a good case against the "Multiverse," workaround to these arguments.
This would not be something I'd give a skeptical friend. It just doesn't seem to be a consistently convincing enough book. Skeptics latch on to the weaker arguments for critique and mentally skim over the stronger ones.
Swinburne has a larger book called "The Existence of God," which is a classic, recently revised. I have heard great things about that volume am I am eager to read that one--he's such a careful, methodical thinker.
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