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Customer Reviews for Oxford University Press Augustine of Hippo: A Life

Oxford University Press Augustine of Hippo: A Life

Augustine (354-430) had a profound impact on the development of the Christian Church and Western Civilization. His thought still pervades our religious beliefs, civil institutions, and philosophical understanding. Indeed, next to Jesus, Plato and the Apostle Paul, no one has more shaped our world.

Nevertheless, as Henry Chadwick shows in Augustine of Hippo: A Life Augustine sparked controversy. Augustine's words are still frequently quoted in devotions today and his key themes retain a striking contemporary relevance--what is the place of the Church in the world? What is the relation between nature and grace?

Henry Chadwick--a renowned authority on Augustine--describes with clarity and warmth the importance of these questions for Augustine as well as his broader intellectual development. Characteristically rigorous yet sympathetic in style, Chadwick traces Augustine's intellectual journey from schoolboy and student to Bishop and champion of Christendom in a period of intense political upheaval, providing valuable insight into the progression of Augustine's ideas. With a foreword reflecting on Chadwick's distinctive approach to Augustine by Peter Brown, and a further reading list on Augustine compiled by Gillian Clark, this volume is both an essential assessment of Augustine and a final tribute to one of the great church historians of the twentieth century. A staple biography for all interested in the early church.
Customer Reviews for Augustine of Hippo: A Life
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