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Christianity Today Money in Christian History

Is hoarding "idolatry" as Dietrich Bonhoeffer suggests? Are Christians always required to give when they are able? The careful dance between economics and true faith commenced during the early days of Israel, and today we still field a plethora of questions and offer few answers. Christian History & Biography offers this issue as an historical survey of the Church's theology of money and its usage on individual and institutional levels.

Inside this issue you'll find:

  • Money and the Bible - A Survey of the History of Biblical Interpretation on Money and Wealth
  • Clement of Alexandria:What Kind of Rich Person Can Be Saved?A Paraphrase of Quis Dives Salvandus
  • St. Francis of Assisi on the Joy of Poverty and the Value of Dung - What if the rich young ruler had given up ev erything to follow Jesus? In some ways, that's the story of St. Francis.
  • Francis and the Waldensians
  • Luther on the Use of Money - How would you build a Chris tian economy? That's a question Martin Luther had to face as the Protestant Reformation took hold in Europe.
  • Selling Forgiveness: How Money Sparked the Protestant Reformation
  • The Protestant Ethic of Prosperity - Virgil Hartgerink looks at Max Weber's thesis. Was it good old Calvinist diligence that built the New World?
  • Money and Ministry
Volume VI (6), No. 2
Customer Reviews for Money in Christian History
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