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Christianity Today Charles Finney: American Revivalism

His peculiar revisions of New England Calvinism invited the label of "Pelagian" from colleagues. Charismatic, fiery preaching caused many to question the validity of any appeal to emotion. His leadership of Oberlin College, an institution of social reform, inspired accusations of being a radical. These controversial claims and much more will be uncovered and discussed in Christian History & Biography's look at Charles Finney, the father of American Revivalism.

Inside this issue you'll find:

  • Charles Grandison Finney: Father of American Revivalism
  • God's College and Radical Change - Oberlin College, where Finney taught, was a seedbed of social change for women and blacks.
  • The Making of a Revivalist - Finney and the heritage of EdwardsWas Finney preaching Arminianism, or 'the particularly New England brand of Calvinism' associated with Jonathan Edwards?
  • Another Winter in Boston - In Finney's own words: a time of spiritual upheaval and Baptism in the Holy Ghost.
  • Also: Pastoral Guidance for Far-From-Perfect Young Ministers
  • Sailing for the Kingdom of God - Finney and 19th-Century Trans-atlantic Revivalism
  • The Blessing of Abraham - Finney's Christian Perfection
  • Also: Finney on Romans 7:14-24
  • Lectures on Revivals of Religion (1835)
  • The Oberlin Evangelist, 16 December 1840
  • Lectures on Systematic Theology
  • The Best Seats in the House

    Issue 20 (Volume VII (7), Number 4)

Customer Reviews for Charles Finney: American Revivalism
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