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Analytical Grammar, Inc. The Eternal Argument

The Eternal Argument is set up as an analogy of western culture and literature as a long dispute. Theistic thought and humanistic thought are seen to play out through Western literature, just like impassioned conversations and sometimes-feuds between family members.

A lens through which students can interpret literature, The Eternal Argument provides a way to engage the "other" side, to understand the argument of literature, and to more fully recognize our history and culture. Each chapter of this book touches upon a Great Work; once the book is completed and students have the tools to be able to fully interpret literature, the second-to-last chapter reviews the books previously discussed. Providing an overarching framework on which to hang different arguments and ideas, this unique work will encourage students to look at how humanity has dealt with various moral issues throughout history, throughout different eras, and through genres of literature. Three discussion questions end each chapter. 286 pages, softcover.

High School-Adult. Designed to be read by both parent and student for discussion.

Customer Reviews for The Eternal Argument
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