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Christianity Today The Rise of Pentecostalism

Perhaps the most significant development in twentieth-century Christianity, Pentecostalism has grown from a few hundred members to 650 million worldwide-the largest Christian denomination after Catholicism. This issue of Christian History & Biography does not attempt to give the full, global picture; rather, you will read about the origins of Pentecostalism, encounter leading figures from its early years, and learn the many theological beliefs and charismatic experiences that have separated this sensational movement from the rest of Evangelicalism.

The most explosive Christian movement of the twentieth century.

Inside this issue you'll find:American Pentecost - The story behind the Azusa Street revival, the most phenomenal event of twentieth-century Christianity.

  • Pentecostal Quilt - Sanctification Scuffles, They Had a Dream, Dividing over Oneness, Peaceniks, The Silent Pentecostals, 'They Shall Take up Serpents'
  • 'Hell-Hatched Free Lovism' - Evangelicals were none too eager to welcome the new Pentecostals.
  • Sister - Aimee Semple McPherson was the firstPentecostal to become a national sensation.
  • Loose the Women - In the early years, it was not unusual to find women preaching, pastoring, and leading denominations.
  • The Pentecostal Tradition - A sampling of ecstatic experiences reported in different eras of church history.
  • Pentecostalism's Global Language - An Interview with Walter J. Hollenweger
  • Did You Know? - Little-known or remarkable facts about early Pentecostalism. Issue 58 (Volume XVII (17), Number 2)
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