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Christianity Today The First Bible Teachers

Unfortunately, some of the least-known figures of Christian history are the early church fathers (and mothers!). In this issue we meet such larger-than-life Bible teachers as Iranaeus, Origen, Augustine, Jerome, and Gregory of Nyssa. Peering over their shoulders, we see the rich, quirky, inspiring ways they drew life from the Book that was the center of their lives. In some ways, this is the sequel to Issue #43, "How We Got our Bible."

Inside this issue you'll find:

  • The Habits of Highly Effective Bible Readers -What we can learn from the church fathers that will enrich our own Bible study. Also: Why the Reformers Read the Fathers.
  • The First Battle for the Bible - A literalist and a spiritualizer forced the church to choose how it would read the Scriptures it inherited from the Jews.
  • Midwife of the Christian Bible - Iraenaeus brought the New and Old Testaments together into a single Bible.
  • Origen: Friend or Foe? - The father of Bible study has also been called a heretic for not taking it literally.
  • Too Racy for Bible Study - Origen could not believe the Song of Songs was a hymn to erotic love. So what was it?
  • Opponents of Allegory - Rejecting allegory in favor of history, some Antiochians moved on into heresy.
  • Scripture Saturation - The early monks sought holiness by soaking in the ?moral sense? of the Word.
  • Gallery: Three Wise Men from the East - They brought the best gift of all: a Scriptural defense of the Trinity and Christ?s divinity.
  • Classical Ear-Training - What the church fathers heard in Homer tuned them to the harmonies of the Scripture.
  • Augustine's Key - The single principle by which even the unlearned could unlock Scripture's meaning.
Issue 80 (Volume XXII (22), Number 4)
Customer Reviews for The First Bible Teachers
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