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Xulon Press Noise of Dry Bones

God is no different with the church. He shows in the Bible exactly how He wants the church to be organized and run. The Noise of Dry Bones documents Bible events, dialog, Greek word meanings - anything that God has been fit to put in the Bible on this topic. For you see, when the church leaves out or misapplies vital parts of God's operational architecture, this is lawlessness, allowing the Devil to steal, kill and destroy... I don't think the Almighty is concerned at all with church variety; He just wants to be the one in charge. When God just shows up at church, hearts are changed, sick bodies are healed and even the dead are raised to life. This happened in the first-century church. I believe all these changes in the church are inevitable. Jesus prayed for church unity in John 17 ("That they may be one even as We are One"). Ezekiel saw an end-time army of God made from dry bones that comes together "suddenly with great noise." Have these happened yet? No. An army must be organized or it is no army.
Customer Reviews for Noise of Dry Bones
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