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Customer Reviews for Shurley Instructional Material Shurley English Level 3 Educational Software

Shurley Instructional Material Shurley English Level 3 Educational Software

For students who enjoy computer-based curriculum and could use some additional reinforcement, Classifying with Quigley will visually reinforce concepts taught in Shurley English. Sentences are displayed on the screen, and students label each part of speech, providing a firm understanding of the each word's role in the sentence. Progressively more difficult, students will be challenged and have fun with these supplementary games. Level 3.

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  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • Mac OS 8.1
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Pentium Processor
  • CD-ROM Drive
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    Customer Reviews for Shurley English Level 3 Educational Software
    Review 1 for Shurley English Level 3 Educational Software
    Overall Rating: 
    2 out of 5
    2 out of 5

    Date:March 19, 2008
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    I'll start by saying that we find Shurley Grammar to be one of the most effective and comprehensive grammar curricula we've seen. So, I was surprised by how little this educational software offers. I concede that this is a useful program. With this software, students classify sentences and practice the skill builders exercise. After the student chooses the labels from a drop down menu, they click "done" and the software shows them the correct answer for any they missed. There are a few options to adjust such as the level of difficulty, sentence pattern types to include and the number of sentences for one round. It keeps a running score for each student. We do find it helpful in that my students can classify a lot more sentences than I really would like to write on the board or type up. Not to be overlooked, their programming ability earns high praise. We have not found even one tiny glitch in this software. The biggest drawback is that the program is only useful once the students have finished 2/3 to 3/4 of the material in the class. You can't choose what parts of speech to include or exclude, which makes the software virtually useless in reinforcing the concept you are teaching that week. It only becomes useful once they have learned almost all the material of the year relevant to classifying. Also, there is nothing else offered. There are no little tutorials about how to use the labels. If the student doesn't know why they got the answer wrong, there are no resources on the software to help. Of far less significance, the graphics are about as advanced as the mid 80s. Most of today's freeware games have far better graphics. This would be best as a summer help to keep all that good classifying information in your student's heads. But because it's not useful in reinforcing weekly concepts and it doesn't offer much more than classification practice, I really feel that it's not a suitable companion for the curriculum.
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