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Customer Reviews for Total Content Tim LaHaye's Left Behind Prophecy, 6-DVD Set

Total Content Tim LaHaye's Left Behind Prophecy, 6-DVD Set

Tim LaHaye's Prophecy Institute presents this engaging home video collection that provides an in-depth examination of Biblical prophecy. Featuring the world's finest theologians and Biblical scholars, Tim LaHaye, Ed Hindson and Thomas Ice, the complete collection offers insight into what the Bible reveals about the future. Approx. 14 hours.

Disc 1
Why Should We Study Bible Prophecy? Features Dr. Tim LaHaye delivering his 10 reasons why we should study prophecy and shows why prophecy is the most exciting subject in the Bible.
What Does The Bible Say About The Future? Features Dr. Ed Hindson (Dean of The Prophecy Institute) delivering a fascinating overview of major Biblical predictions.

Disc 2
How Should We Interpret Bible Prophecy? Dr. Tom Ice explains how to carefully interpret the prophetic Scriptures.
What Does The Bible Teach About The Rapture? Dr. John Walvoord discusses the Rapture and the Tribulation.

Disc 3
Who Is The God of Prophecy? Dr. LaHaye discusses our supernatural God who has revealed himself through the prophesies contained in the Bible.
What Is The Message Of The Prophets? Dr. LaHaye presents the great prophets of the Bible. Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and others.

Disc 4
What Did Jesus Say About The Future? Dr. Ed Hindson helps illuminate the Olivet Discourse (Mathew 24-25), Jesus' longest recorded sermon on Bible prophecy.
What Will It Be Like To Be Left Behind? Dr. LaHaye describes the Rapture and imagines what it will be like to live through the worst period in human history.

Disc 5
What Role Does Israel Play In Bible Prophecy? Dr. Gary Frazier examines what the Bible predicts about Israel's return to the promised land.
Is The Anti-Christ Alive And Well? Dr. Ed Hindson explores what the Scriptures reveal about this ominous figure who is destined to rule the world during the End Times.

Disc 6
Are We Marching To Armageddon? Dr. Thomas Ice discusses the Battle of Armageddon and the series of cataclysmic events that herald the End Times.
The Religion Of The End Times Dr. John Ankerberg explores what the Bible reveals about the false "New Age" religion that will rival true Christianity prior to the Second Coming.
Customer Reviews for Tim LaHaye's Left Behind Prophecy, 6-DVD Set
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