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Penguin Putnam Inc. Suddenly Single

Vashti Hunter knew that something was wrong when she received her fianci's nervous phone call the night before their wedding, but she was too distracted by visions of wedding grandeur to listen to her instincts. Instead, what was supposed to be the happiest day of the 26-year-old's life quickly turns into the most humiliating when she is left at the altar. After battling a fierce bout of depression, Vashti regroups and begins dating again. After a string of failed relationship attempts, she not only figures out what she does not want in a mate, but also discovers who she is in the process. It's only after she evolves into the person that she wants to be that she finds the man who is worthy of her love. Because of their 20-year age difference, Vashti's new relationship is threatened by opposition from her family, friends, and especially his daughter, who resents Vashti's presence in her father's life. Their relationship is further complicated when Vashti's long-lost fiance returns remorseful. Will Vashti find him worthy of a second chance?
Customer Reviews for Suddenly Single
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