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Customer Reviews for Bethany House Publishers Dream to Follow, A - eBook

Bethany House Publishers Dream to Follow, A - eBook

The well-loved characters of Red River of the North came to America for the promise of free land and a good life for their children. Achieving their dreams wasn't easy, but they worked hard on the land and have a bountiful heritage to pass on. In Return To Red River, the second generation is now approaching adulthood, with their own aspirations. They want to be writers, teachers, doctors - practically anything but farmers. Yet, they are torn between their parents' dreams and their own. Conflict comes first to the Bjorklunds when Thorliff longs to study journalism. His parents are torn between their love for the land and for him. Will Thorliff realize his dream, or find that college isn't all he had imagined it to be?
Customer Reviews for Dream to Follow, A - eBook
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