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Vision Video A Time for Miracles, DVD

In 1975, Elizabeth Bayley Seton was canonized as America's first native-born Roman Catholic Saint. This book tells her inspiring story. Born in New York City in 1774 of a very distinguished family, Elizabeth seemed destined for a tranquil life. At age 19, she married William Secton and bore him five children. Tragedy struck when William contracted tuberculosis and died in 1803. Elizabeth learned that her family fortune was lost. She converted to Catholicism at a time when Catholics were the object of persecution in the United States. Her family, even her own children, were shocked by Elizabeth's decision, but she persisted. Through a friend, Elizabeth met Bishop Carroll of Maryland. He gave Elizabeth the mandate to found the American Sisters Charity and the first American Catholic parochial school. With little money, in a community flamed with hostility, Elizabeth Secton went about her task. Until the end of her life, she championed education for women of all faiths, and her order also established orphanages and hospitals. Despite impossible odds, she succeeded in becoming the surrogate mother to thousands. At her early death (46), her congregation numbered twenty communities across the United States. This dramatic story stars Kate Mulgrew, Lorne Greene, John Forsythe, and Jean-Pierre Aumont. 97 minutes/color.
Customer Reviews for A Time for Miracles, DVD
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