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Tate Publishing Sagebuster's Domain

Menacing renegades refuse to be forced further into the rugged wilderness by pioneers who have invaded western Saddleback territory. The renegades' disdain for the invaders, coupled with Barron Bladnoe's obsession with power and wealth threatens the entire territory.

In his new novel, Sagebuster's Domain, author Frederick Gray depicts harsh realities and fierce struggles for survival in the western wilderness, which is fraught with perils and hardship. Bladnoe's notorious gang unleashes his devious master plan, which torments innocent homesteaders. Resistance is led by the McQuellans, the only Christian family in the unsettled territory. The Banner brothers' rough and tumble ways begin to unravel when they encounter the McQuellans'sweet and joyful spirit of light. In the aftermath of Johnson Banner's heroic, but ill-fated rescue attempts of Emily McQuellan, a glimmer of romance blossoms. After a lifetime of waiting, Ed Banner wonders if he has finally found exactly what he has been searching for when he enters Sagebuster's Domain. 368 pages, paperback.

Customer Reviews for Sagebuster's Domain
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