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American Vision, Inc. Diapers, Dishes & Dominion

Change your mind about changing diapers and you could change the world. It's hard being a wife and mother. Feminist propaganda tells stay-at-home moms their lives are insignificant, and inner discontentment can spring up from the mundane frictions of daily routine. Diapers, Dishes & Dominion is record of the truths God can use to transform ordinary Christian housewives into His weapons of mass reconstruction. In simple and straightforward language, Leah exposes some of the most prevalent lies Satan uses to keep Christian women irrelevant in God's Kingdom, and she presents biblical truths these wives and mothers need to know in order to change the world - one diaper at a time. The first step to changing the world is changing your mind.
Customer Reviews for Diapers, Dishes & Dominion
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