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Dave Christiano Films Beginnings

Designed for Sunday School classes or study groups, Beginnings is a DVD small group curriculum that covers the topic of science and evolution. Looking at inherent biases in the interpretations made by creationists and evolutionists, Beginnings casts both at the same level-----as religious worldviews. Examining their interpretation of evidence for the earth being 6,000 years old, dinosaurs, and more, this DVD study will show the presumed direct link between evolution and atheism. See how "While the claims of Creationists are repeatedly being vindicated by science, Evolutionists base their entire faith upon lies, error, and deception."

The included guide features a "something to think about" introduction, "what to watch out for" section which explains the lesson with further detail, and discussion questions and application allow participants to think and talk about what they've learned. Final challenge activities include calling up your school board, tactics to make people you're witnessing to think you're just sharing trivia, and more.

6 sessions on DVD. 29-39 minutes each.

Customer Reviews for Beginnings
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