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Customer Reviews for John Wiley & Sons The Torah Revealed: Talmudic Masters Unveil the Secrets of the Bible

John Wiley & Sons The Torah Revealed: Talmudic Masters Unveil the Secrets of the Bible

Throughout the ages, rabbis and scholars have offered their wise and inspirational commentary on the Torah, the Five Books of Moses. These commentaries were transmitted from generation to generation through oral tradition. About two thousand years ago, however, this oral tradition began to be preserved in what was eventually known as the Talmud, whose vast wealth of wisdom is contained in sixty-three volumes. Studying the written Torah with its oral component offers a taste of the Torah in its purest form: the Torah and Jewish tradition as transmitted by God to Moses at Sinai.

In this book, distinguished Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Finkel brings together in one comprehensive and accessible resource expert commentary from the Talmud on key passages contained in every portion of the Torah, and provides an inspiring commentary on the Five Books of Moses culled from a huge body of work that represents the thoughts of the greatest Talmudic authorities of all time. This book offers an invaluable guide for rabbis preparing their weekly sermons, individuals wanting to understand the deeper meaning of the parsha, and students of the Torah and Talmud needing an expert analysis and explanation of the written text. This book helps readers to understand the significance of passages in the Torah, illuminating explicit stories, underlying allegories, metaphors, symbolic meanings and it also highlights the lessons that can be learned and applied to our own daily lives and the different ways the passages can be interpreted.

Avraham Yaakov Finkel was born in Basel, Switzerland, and lived in the Hague, Netherlands, until 1942, when the Nazis deported him to Bergen-Belsen. He is the author of many books including The Great Torah Commentators, The Great Chasidic Masters, and In My Flesh I See God. He has also translated numerous works, including several volumes of Mishneh Torah, the compendium of all Jewish laws by Maimonides, Selected Letters by Maimonides, and the classic work based on the Talmud, Ein Yaakov. He resides in New York with his wife, Suri.

Customer Reviews for The Torah Revealed: Talmudic Masters Unveil the Secrets of the Bible
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