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Customer Reviews for Zondervan Turtle Trouble, TimeFlyz, Volume 2

Zondervan Turtle Trouble, TimeFlyz, Volume 2

Slipstream, Mother Mass, Wormhole and Tachyon (Tak, for short) are back, along with their robot N.E.X.U.S., and of course Laurel - The Timeflyz! They're back from a trip to the distant past, but not all the way back, as they make a stop in Revolutionary America to protect yet another scientific genius from getting kidnapped (scientist-napped?) by Darchon. That evil robot-spider has more than a few tricks up his sleeve, and this time he gets a few hungry turtles to help him out...luckily they aren't ninjas or mutants! What can Laurel add to their arsenal that could turn the tide of battle - and maybe even history? There's more than meets the eye as we get important information about the Timeflyz and Darchon, as well as the mysterious female who commands him. Recommended for ages 9 t o 11.
Customer Reviews for Turtle Trouble, TimeFlyz, Volume 2
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