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Customer Reviews for Messianic Jewish Publishers Epistles From a Jewish Perspective

Messianic Jewish Publishers Epistles From a Jewish Perspective

The Apostle Paul has clearly been a central---even if occasionally a somewhat enigmatic---figure of, and for, Christianity and the writings of the New Testament. As a result, his character and writing---as well as those of the other Jewish NT letter writers---have been variously assessed and vigorously debated.

Although much of the discussion has percolated within the circle of Christian scholarship, it has nevertheless spilled over quite regularly into the arena of Jewish academia as well. And the reactions of Jewish scholars to Paul has been almost as diverse as those arising from their Christian counterparts. Yet, Rabbi Joseph Klausner reminds us: "There is nothing in the teachings of Paul, not even the most mystical elements in it that did not come to him from authentic Judaism." This is the Paul that this course seeks to recover and rehabilitate. 1 CD.

Customer Reviews for Epistles From a Jewish Perspective
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