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Customer Reviews for AMG Publishers Teachings of the Bible Made Simple

AMG Publishers Teachings of the Bible Made Simple

There is no excuse for mindless Christianity. Some people write off the Christian Church because it appears to have no answers to today's popular views. What a terrible indictment that is. But what do Christians have to say about the scientific worldview, the antheistic worldview, or the worldview that maintians that one relgion is as good as another. Discover what the Bible actually teaches about God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Investigate and come to an understanding of what the Bible means as it talks about angels, assurance, baptism, church, death, discipleship, faith, forgiveness, grace, kingdom of God, love, righteousness, and Satan. Uncover the deeper meanings and significance of words linked to salvation--blood, cross, redemption, salvation, and sanctification. This book is a toolkit for understanding Bible concepts and ideas that one will go to again and again.
Customer Reviews for Teachings of the Bible Made Simple
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