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Customer Reviews for Oxford University Press The Oxford Companion to Archaeology

Oxford University Press The Oxford Companion to Archaeology

Striving to make specialized knowledge available to everyone, this Oxford Companion features a global assessment of archaeology's society, the latest advances and discoveries, experimental archaeology, how archaeology works, theoretical or conceptual frameworks used for analysis, and other information that provides an overview of archaeology from a global perspective. Five broad themes provide the foundation for the encyclopedic entries: How Archaeology Began & Developed; How Archaeology Works; How Archaeologists Explain the Past; Archaeology & the Human Past; and World Prehistory. A thorough index and cross-references provide an easy way to find the information you're looking for, whether on the origins of agriculture, the domestication of the camel, Egyptian hieroglyphics, luminescence dating, the Mayan calendar, Koobi Fora or Olduvai Gorge. 844 pages, hardcover with dust jacket.
Customer Reviews for The Oxford Companion to Archaeology
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