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Institute For Creation Research Exploring the Evidence for Creation

Many scientists today approach their work already predisposed to reject certain evidences that clearly point to a Creator or Designer. Sadly, many Christians have abdicated their understanding of the bedrock doctrines of their faith based on what these naturalistic science "experts" report. Exploring the Evidence for Creation cuts through the arguments and lays out the evidence that is rational, scientific, and biblically-based.

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Date:February 14, 2013
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Randy Gloyd
Location:San Clemente, CA
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
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5 out of 5
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It has several pieces of evidence of a created world & Universe we live in.
I would like to see an itemized 1 through 25 book, with the top forensic scientific evidences for creation. A chapter by chapter, & it doesn't have to be long, of each of the best evidences for creation & a young universe. Chapters could include the following topics: Why do all the highest mountain ranges have mountains with sharp peaks; How come the salinity of the oceans haven't reached saturation; Why is there only 9 thousand years worth of sediment from the Mississippi in the Gulf of Mexico;
Dinosaurs found on Canada that still have their DNA in tact;
The Moon only has approximately 1/2 inch moon dust on it's surface, which accounts for only a few thousand years;
Why hasn't the Carbon 12 in the atmosphere reached equilibrium with what we find in plants & animals; These are simple things Christians may use in their testimonies of our creator.
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