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Baylor University Press Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism

In this completely revised and expanded edition of The Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism, Randall Balmer gives readers the most comprehensive resource about evangelicalism available anywhere. With over 3,000 separate entries, The Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism covers historical and contemporary theologians, preachers, laity, cultural figures, musicians, televangelists, movements, organizations, denominations, folkways, theological terms, events, and much more-all penned in Balmer's engaging style. Students, scholars, journalists, and laypersons will all benefit from Balmer's insights.

"At last, in one volume, Randy Balmer has pulled together almost everything you'll want to know about the people, events, and institutions that shape this powerful and influential religious movement. A 'must-have' resource for anyone seeking to understand the nature and scope of evangelicalism."
Peggy Wehmeyer, former religion correspondent, ABC News

"I don't know how Balmer did it, but he put together a book that is more than just a 'Who's Who of Evangelicalism. This book gives explanatory sketches of the various institutions and parachurch groups that have made evangelicalism into the overpowering presence that it has become in contemporary Christianity. Any serious student of Christianity must have this book readily available for reference."
Tony Campolo, Professor of Sociology, Eastern College

"With this volume, Randall Balmer has provided us with an indispensable tool to help us understand evangelicalism, which is such a highly visible movement in contemporary religious life."
Richard J. Mouw, President and Professor of Christian Philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Preparing an encyclopedia all by yourself sounds quixotic, but when the compiler masters a subject the way Randall Balmer has mastered modern evangelical Christianity, the result is anything by quixotic. Balmer's guidance on a tremendous range of subjects---from Christian rock stars to weighty theologians-is not necessarily infallible, but it is always informed, interesting, and worthy of the most careful attention."
Mark A. Noll, McManis Professor of Christian Thought, Wheaton College

Customer Reviews for Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism
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