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Customer Reviews for Destiny Image Prophets, Pitfalls and Principles: God's Prophetic Today

Destiny Image Prophets, Pitfalls and Principles: God's Prophetic Today

Book three in Hamon's informative series on contemporary prophecy, this book looks at the pitfalls and principles of prophecy, offering valuable information about what to expect (and what to look out for) when a prophetic ministry is active. Though all the books in this series are practical, this volume is particularly practical, offering insightful analysis of the problems that prophets will be challenged with and of the process that prophets will go through as God perfects them and their ministry.

Hamon looks at the history of prophetic revelation and culls various principles and pitfalls from the ministry of prophets like Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and others. He shows the proper attitude for prophetic ministry, examines ten key issues pertaining to maturing and maintaining a prophetic ministry, and answers several major questions about prophets and prophecy. Then he gives a vision of the role that prophets and prophecy will play in the end times ministry of the church. The advice that Hamon offers, and the principles he lays down, will help all prophets to mature into the ministers that God has called them to be. But more than that, Hamon offers valuable insight into discernment, giving churches and pastors the information necessary to ensure that a prophetic ministry is always acting in accordance with God and God's word.

Each book in this series can stand alone, but one's understanding of the prophetic ministry and the office of the prophet will be greatly enhanced by reading all three. This book ties together the whole series, offering a balanced, thoughtful look at prophets, prophecy and prophetic ministry. Its emphasis on the possible negative aspects of prophecy (including persecution and pitfalls) balances nicely with the other informative and practical books in this series.

Customer Reviews for Prophets, Pitfalls and Principles: God's Prophetic Today
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