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Customer Reviews for IVP Academic Old Testament Theology Vol. 3, Israel's Life

IVP Academic Old Testament Theology Vol. 3, Israel's Life

In the Volume 3, Israel's Life of his definitive Old Testament Theology exemplary scholar John Goldingay, gives a theological exposition on hos Israel lived before God. Here Goldingay approaches Israel's Life under three rubrics; 1) Israel's Life Before God; 2) Israel's Life in community; and 3) Israel's life in relation to the individual self.

In reading this volume it is important to remember that Goldingay is not writing a history, but a theology and as such he is not concerned with the way things were, but how things were supposed to be according to the theology communicated in the "first testament." Therefore, in this volume Israel's Life is presented through the accumulated Scriptures that were supposed to guide the community both in the ancient world, and today in the modern world. This volume encapsulates that vision, and makes the bold step of taking that Scripture, written then, and makes it relevant for the living of the Christian community in the modern world.

This 3 volume series by Goldingay is one of the most important works produced by Old Testament scholarship in recent memory. Comprehensive, dynamic, and theologically forceful, it is essential reading for any Old Testament scholar, and an absolute must for the well-rounded theological library.
Customer Reviews for Old Testament Theology Vol. 3, Israel's Life
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