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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Paul's Letter to the Romans: A Commentary

In Paul's Letter to the Romans Arland Hultgren engages the text of Paul's letter using careful theological exegesis in conversation with scores of contemporary biblical scholars and the major issues defining interpretation of this seminal New Testament book today.

The commentary proceeds pericope-by-pericope with each receiving a fresh translation, brief technical notes on text and translation, a short summary-style "General Comment" (excellent for quick reference to Hultgren's interpretation of the passage), and a longer section called a "Detailed Comment" which combines all of the information necessary for Hultgren to provide a thoroughly worked out interpretation of the passage in conversation with other scholars. Following his work on each pericope, Hultgren provides a bibliography for that specific passage making it very easy for students, scholars, and pastors to idenify secondary resources immediately germane to specific pericopes in the epistle.

Thus, Hultegren's commentary works for those who wish to access interpretations of passages in Romans quickly, as well as for those who wish to engage in careful conversation with each passage and the issues surrounding it. In addition to scholarship generally, Hultgren also pays close attention to translation often comparing several English versions to discern which provides the most accurate readings, and to unearth just what it is that Paul is getting at in Romans.

Along the way Hultgren also establishes the theological message of the letter taking a Traditional Protestant view of Paul's teaching on "justification by faith" while showing the essentially forward-looking, missional character of Paul's letter - written, as Hultgren suggests, to introduce Paul-the-theologian to Roman believers and inspire their support for his planned missionary efforts in the Western Mediterranean.

Finally, Hultgren also provides seven appendices on the following contemporary debates:

  • Appendix 1: The "Righteousness of God" in Paul
  • Appendix 2: Romans 1:26-27 and Homosexuality
  • Appendix 3: Pistis Christou: Faith in or of Christ?
  • Appendix 4: The Imagery of Romans 3:25
  • Appendix 5: The Text of Romans 5:1
  • Appendix 6: The Identity of the "I" in Romans 7
  • Appendix 7: The Church as the Body of Christ in the Letters of Paul
  • Appendix 8: House Churches and Communities in Rome
This thoughtful commentary, ideal for pastors and serious students of the Bible.

Key Perspectives

  • Commentary Type: Semi-Technical
  • General Perspective: Traditional Lutheran ("Old-Perspective" on Paul)
  • Audience: Scholars, pastors, and students
  • Scripture: Inspired
  • Theological Tradition: Lutheran
  • Knowledge of Hebrew and/or Greek is helpful but not required
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Customer Reviews for Paul's Letter to the Romans: A Commentary
Review 1 for Paul's Letter to the Romans: A Commentary
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Unfortunately, I have to oppose this text.

Date:April 29, 2013
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Location:Toronto, ON
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1 out of 5
In spite of the amazing scholarship, in spite of the keen exegetical insights, in spite of the wonderful appendixes, the fact that the author claims that Paul's comments in Romans 1 do not speak about homosexuality, and that Paul's words are not relevant for a 'loving, committed, same gender relationship' totally destroys the commentary. I have no problem overlooking doctrinal differences with other brothers in the Lord, but if I entertain these ideas I myself may be sucked into this deception. Should I accept that homosexuality is an acceptable practice, and stand before the Lord on Judgment Day and tell him that I read so in a commentary? God forbid. For the sake of my soul and the souls of others I have to say do not support this commentary until the author repents. This is not an academic issue it is a spiritual one.
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