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Customer Reviews for The Hub Ecclesiastes DVD Series: A Life Well Lived

The Hub Ecclesiastes DVD Series: A Life Well Lived

How do I make the most of my life? It's an important question that we all struggle with, a question that perplexed even the wisest man who ever lived. At the sunset of his life, he looked back and found that this question can only be answered by discovering the answers to more questions. Questions like:

  • Can prosperity fix all of my problems?
  • Are hardships and difficulties the worst thing for me?
  • How can I experience true joy and peace in this crazy and fallen world?
  • How can I live a life without regrets

The man who asked these questions was, of course, Solomon. He found answers to these questions, but it was not an easy process. He acquired wealth, chased women, sought wisdom, and in the end he found that none of these things answered life's questions, nor did they bring real meaning to life.

Yet, the answers Solomon did find were, and remain, astounding. They are simple, yet profound and they are found in the book of Ecclesiastes. Are you willing to uncover these answers by studying this troubling book?

Journey into the fog in this dynamic and exhilarating study of Solomon's Ecclesiastes with pastor Tommy Nelson. Here you will discover what A Life Well Lived means, and on the other side you will emerge into the shining Sun of understanding. Ideal for small groups and church courses. This DVD includes:

  • 4 DVD's
  • Twelve 25-minute sessions

Customer Reviews for Ecclesiastes DVD Series: A Life Well Lived
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