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Customer Reviews for Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Liturgy, Time, and the Politics of Redemption

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Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Liturgy, Time, and the Politics of Redemption

Many theologians contend that liturgical texts and rituals have important implications for our public life together. Liturgy, Time, and the Politics of Redemption advances a timely conversation about the place of "religious reasoning" in public discourse by attending to the way the scriptures are liturgically performed in Jewish and Christian communities. It includes diverse examinations of liturgy---of interest to theologians, philosophers, and clergy---and brings Jewish and Christian thinkers into conversation, showing parallels in these traditions' liturgical reasoning and opening new possibilities for Jewish-Christian relations.

Contributors include:

  • Scott Bader-Saye
  • Oliver Davies
  • Robert Gibbs
  • Steven Kepnes
  • Shaul Magid
  • Peter Ochs
  • C. C. Pecknold
  • Ben Quash
  • Randi Rashkover
  • Graham Ward
  • Samuel Wells
Randi Rashkover is assistant professor of religious studies at York College of Pennsylvania. She is the author of Revelation and Theopolitics: Barth, Rosenzweig, and the Politics of Praise.

C. C. Pecknold is research associate at the Centre for Advanced Religious and Theological Studies, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge. He is the author of Transforming Postliberal Theology: George Lindbeck, Pragmatism and Scripture.

The Radical Traditions series, edited by Stanley Hauerwas and Peter Ochs, cuts new lines of inquiry across a confused array of debates concerning the place of theology in modernity and, more generally, the status and role of scriptural faith in contemporary life. Books in this series offer the opportunity to speak openly with practitioners of other faiths or even with those who profess no (or limited) faith, both academics and nonacademics, about the ways religious traditions address pivotal issues of today.

Customer Reviews for Liturgy, Time, and the Politics of Redemption
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