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Inter-Varsity Press Invitations from God: Accepting God's Offer to Rest, Weep, Forgive, Wait, Remember, and More

Some invitations we desperately want: "Will you marry me?" "Would you consider a promotion?" Other invitations we never want to receive but must respond to all the same: "What treatment do you want for your tumor?" Invitations pound away at the coastlines of the soul with a transforming force. God is also sending invitations.

Sometimes they seem less compelling than anything on my to-do list. Why would I want to say yes to the invitation to rest when I'm already so far behind? Why follow when I could lead? Why accept invitations to weep or to admit I am wrong or to wait? Saying yes might slow me down, sabotage my agenda and even undo who I think I am. Adele Calhoun, author of the popular Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, offers a book about invitations like these-divine invitations we miss or ignore because we've said yes to going with the cultural flow.

While these invitations from God can sometimes be difficult to accept, they can heal and restore even as they shape where we go, what we do and who we become. What we say yes to, what we say no to forms the terrain of our future. Included in this book are reflection questions and exercises as well as overview charts with recommended disciplines to guide you through each theme. As you attend to the often hidden, quiet voice of the Great Inviter, you will find yourself as God created you to be.
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Customer Reviews for Invitations from God: Accepting God's Offer to Rest, Weep, Forgive, Wait, Remember, and More
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Like Walking Into God's Spa

Date:October 15, 2011
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Nikole Hahn
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Resisting the urge to grab my yellow highlighter, I opted instead to bookmark pages with pieces of paper. There were so many quotable paragraphs. At times, I even posted a few of those quotes from the book onto my Facebook account. The book hit me in both good and bad ways.
First of all, I didn’t agree with what Miroslav Volf said on page 123. She quotes him a lot in the book. I can only assume she agrees when he said, ‘“You organize an act of terror, and we’ll punish you.” It says, “You organize an act of terror and we’ll use the overwhelming military force of a superpower to recast the political landscape of an entire region from whence you came.”’ In this paragraph, he very smartly talks about our reactions to wrong—our disporportionate use of revenge. She writes at the end of page 134, “It (justice mixed with mercy and forgiveness) can be real enough to remake the world.” Volf was incorrect in the statement above obviously mocking America for it’s invasion of Iraq.
I wonder what Iraq’s people would say about that? They witnessed genocide, mass grave burials, and harsh dictatorship. Some parents there witnessed their children being killed. We lost about 2,000 of our own people in the attack of 9/11. I believe in forgiveness, but to maintain peace in a fallen world, war is at times necessary. Calhoun reveals her idealism in this chapter. God at times authorized war in the Old Testament.
It would be nice if in a perfect world everyone responded to each other Biblical, but as long as we have sin, the world will continue down this path until Jesus’ return. Yet, I do agree with everything else in this book.
The attractive layout of this book, cut into eleven invitations, thoroughly explores how we can accept God’s offer to rest, weep, forgive, wait, remember, and more. In fact, I wrote a blog on Chapter 3. Calhoun’s book was like going to God’s Spa. I found rest in her words as I submerged into scripture and the easy way in which she writes—like she is standing there having a conversation with one of her friends. Overall, I gave the book four stars.
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