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Customer Reviews for Center Point Large Print Books Sweet Tilly, Large print

Center Point Large Print Books Sweet Tilly, Large print

In 1917 Healdton, Oklahoma, thirty-year-old Matilda Jane Anderson drives a brand new 1917 Model T with 'Sweet Tilly' painted in lovely script lettering on the metal plate covering the radiator. Though she'd love to have a baby, she has no use for a husband. To say Tilly is eccentric would be an understatement. Sheriff Rayford Sloan, is part Indian, part Irish. His stock-in-trade is cleaning up boomtowns, ridding them of moonshiners, and brothels, and creating family-friendly communities. When the job is done, he leaves. Tilly proves to be a dilemma for the straight-arrow sheriff. He can't prove that she's a moonshiner, but his keen intuition tells him she is. He's going to shadow her every move until he sniffs out the truth. He will arrest Tilly - and he will leave town, as usual. But sweet, sassy, confident Tilly has gotten under the sheriff's skin - and he might just have to stick around awhile. . .
Customer Reviews for Sweet Tilly, Large print
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