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Lifeway Youth Student Book

VBS 2013 Youth Student Book focuses on 2 Timothy 1:7 and encourage teens to face their fears and trust God.

Through a study of Paul's conversion and commitment to Christ's call, teens will learn to:

  • Recognize changes God might want to make in them
  • Trust God to help them be bold in their words and actions
  • Trust God's plan of salvation and share His love with others
  • Trust God to help them share Christ with others
  • Trust God to go with them in whatever situation they faceBiblical content:
  • Day 1: Dare to Change Lesson Title: Sharp Turn (Acts 9:1-18)
  • Day 2: Dare to Speak Up Lesson Title: Sudden Drop (Acts 9:19-31)
  • Day 3: Dare to Believe Lesson Title: Violent Shakes (Acts 16:25-34)
  • Day 4: Dare to Stand Strong Lesson Title: Steep Climb (Acts 21:27-23:11)
  • Day 5: Dare to Trust Lesson Title: Barrel Roll (Acts 27:13-44)
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