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Customer Reviews for Arts Attack Publications Atelier Art Curriculum Level 8

Arts Attack Publications Atelier Art Curriculum Level 8

Developed to nurture success within a homeschool environment, the Atelier program is user-friendly, process-oriented, and encourages a right-brain, creative approach to teaching.

Each Atelier Art Curriculum Kit arrives in a box that includes three DVDs, a three-ring-binder with three module lesson plans, and the Atelier Parents' and Teachers' Manual, which provides a scope & sequence, lesson objectives, materials-needed list, and teaching suggestions/helps that cover the entire program. This kit provides lessons for a full year.

Level 8 is best suited for students ages 12-16/grades 7-11.

Projects and concepts covered include:

  • Line: Contour Animals, Wild Horses, Upside Down Drwg, Great Minds
  • Color: The Court Jester, Value Study, Expressions on a theme
  • Shape & Form: Subtractive Sculpture
  • Texture & Pattern: Escher Tessellations
  • Space: Peaceable kingdom
  • Drawing: Expressions-Themes
  • Self-Expression: Self-portrait
  • Culture & History: Story tellers
  • Artists & Aesthetics: Michelangelo, Albrecht Durer, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein
  • Media Exploration: Wire/Fabric Sculpture

    Each DVD lesson shows the materials and work space lay-out, provides visual motivational material, and teaches the lesson, including the objectives, materials, techniques, and procedures. Lessons also show students in a virtual art class working along with the instruction; their finished artwork is also presented. Such detailed DVD-lessons will help parents build a successful homeschool art program, even when they have little or no art experience or skills themselves!

    All DVDs are reinforced by module lesson plans which clearly lay out the primary concepts taught, the materials needed, and step-by-step procedures that should accompany the video lesson (which illustrates each step). An assessment concludes each lesson.

    This kit includes:

    • Atelier Level 8 Binder with Lesson Modules A, B, C and the Parents' and Teacher's Manual
    • 3 DVDs
Customer Reviews for Atelier Art Curriculum Level 8
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