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Customer Reviews for Ampelon Publishing Rediscovering the Power of Repentance & Forgiveness

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Ampelon Publishing Rediscovering the Power of Repentance & Forgiveness

"Sitting with people in the ashes of their lives, struggling to find a way out of the pain and hurt in the aftermath of wrongs that have been done to them, gives you a unique perspective from within the world of a person who has been deeply wounded. From that vantage point, you quickly understand what it means to have been 'sinned against' by other believers, family members, friends, neighbors, or strangers. Their voices have been muted, and they wonder if anyone hears their internal cries for justice. As you listen, you not only hear their voices, you begin to echo them---crying out to God with them, and asking Him to release them from the captivity and pain of those irreconcilable wrongs.

"'How do I get out of here?' they want to know. 'What does God want me to do?'"

This is the question Dr. Coulter seeks to answer in her careful study of Scripture. She provides a "pathway to repentance and forgiveness" as she explores forgiveness in the context of ancient Jewish culture.

Going beyond mere platitudes, Coulter leads the reader "to discover the power of Jesus' teachings on the good news of reconciling our tortured relationships," says David Augsburger, Professor of Pastoral Care at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Leah Coulter is a professor at King's Seminary in Van Nuys, Calif., and the senior associate pastor at Channel Islands Vineyard Church in Oxnard, Calif., serving in ministry with her husband, Bill. She has also served as an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and at the Vineyard Leadership Institute. With more than 25 years experience in the ministry, Leah also established a para-church organization, Tender Life, which cares for single, pregnant women. She received her M.Div from Oral Roberts University and her doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary in Practical Theology. Leah is a sought-after speaker for conferences and academic environments.

Customer Reviews for Rediscovering the Power of Repentance & Forgiveness
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