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Customer Reviews for BMG Genesis 7, Episode 11: Kuiper Belt, DVD

BMG Genesis 7, Episode 11: Kuiper Belt, DVD

A sudden flash of light, an inexplicable power outage, and Donton's doubts about his faith confound the Genesis 7 crew in the eleventh episode in the children's space series. As Enoch, Donton, and Priscilla venture to the edge of the solar system, they cross the Kuiper Belt to the moon of the trans-Neptunian object Orcus, but while Donton collects samples that could determine whether its surface has ever been disturbed, Little G loses contact with the G7 craft.

Alone in the dark, powerless lander, Donton listens to a voice that speaks God's word and awaits his rescue, which gives him a chance to talk to Uncle Enoch to further confirm his salvation. As the crew continues toward the termination shock barrier to recover the ancient Voyager 2 spacecraft, a mole is caught trying to sabotage the mission back at Genesis Command and arrested for espionage. Approx. 25 Minutes.
Customer Reviews for Genesis 7, Episode 11: Kuiper Belt, DVD
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