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Charlesbridge Publishing Mouse in a Meadow

Peek into an environment packed with mice, insects, snakes, and more. From spiders to weasels, spittlebugs to beetles, take an up-close look at a typical North American meadow. A handy field guide in the back helps young readers identify all the plants and animals inside.What is a Meadow?Meadows are habitats made up mostly of grass, grass-like plants, and wildflowers. They can be wet or dry, near saltwater, in the mountains, or even in your own backyard. Within a meadow are many smaller habitats--leaves, rocks, and tunnels--which are home to a variety of creatures. Native grasses tend to grow in clumps. This leaves openings for other plants and flowers to sprout from. In the eastern United States, most meadows are created by humans. Any open grassy area we create will revert back to forest if left alone long enough. Keeping a meadow open requires either mowing it every year or two or, as the Native Americans practiced, burning it.You can create your own meadow by planting native grasses and wildflowers. Let it grow wild and mow it only once a year in the early spring. Animals have a way of finding these habitats, and your meadow will soon be filled with wonderful creatures to draw and study.
Customer Reviews for Mouse in a Meadow
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