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Customer Reviews for Wiebe Carlson & Associates GeoGems Polygons Game

Wiebe Carlson & Associates GeoGems Polygons Game

Students will have a blast as they play.and learn geometry! Players can travel in any direction around the board to claim the name or property on each space they land on; the winner is the first to claim all of the spaces on his or her card. As players land on different spaces, they develop fluency in naming and identifying the properties of six types of triangles, seven classes of quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, and octagons. The use of words such as congruent, parallel, perpendicular, obtuse, acute, isosceles, and equilateral also helps to build mathematical vocabulary. Two name card sets and four property card sets offer progressive levels of play. Grades 4 & up. 2-4 Players.

This Game Includes:

  • Game Board
  • Spinner
  • Instructions
  • 6 Set of Cards
  • Answer Key
  • 60 Chips
  • 4 Pawns
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